Humble Beginnings

I never pictured myself as this dwarf humanoid sitting in front of a computer unleashing havoc on elegant chiclet styled keys recording his entries on a blog in all his glory. But what can I say, here I am and I must admit that it’s much easier to type than to scratch a few lines on paper with a pen although keeping a real diary/journal is quite special on its own.
For those of you who don’t know me and don’t give a dime, I am a 29 year old Pakistani male, quite outspoken and well adept to self-expression in terms of writing. I love reading about different cultures, people and faiths and sometimes I question my own values too but I guess it’s all part of the never-ending learning process. Learning is fun!
But not always 🙂
Most of my entries here will rely heavily on experiences drawn from my daily life, understanding of the people around me that include but are not limited to my boring siblings, semi-boring cousins, friends who are rescues mostly, the idiots I work with and my retarded self.
Oh before I forget, I love watching movies in my free time. My vote for the best movie website or database goes hands down to Imdb. I think it’s the best movie resource on the planet. My favorite  movie genres are horror, action and thriller. Occasionally I’ll settle down for an animation too if it piques my interest which is rare, notable examples include Ratatouille, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Disney’s Hercules, Puss in Boots, The Old Man and the Sea – a 1999 animated movie made entirely with 20,000+oil paintings by the Russian animator Aleksandr Petrov over a span of two years, it won several awards and is an absolute  joy to watch, you can search and see it on Youtube if you like,
highly recommended.
Good Day…

About Fahad Fayyaz

I am self-employed, running small projects of building tiny houses in various parts of the city is my game. I love interacting with people from different walks of life, there's always something new to learn, something to give - all in all an interesting mash up of different ideas is always entertaining, well to me atleast. In my spare time I like reading about different cultures, traditions and places. I love a little bit of technology too :)
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